THEBOTTOMLEFT ISSUE 9 |August 31-September 6th, 2017

Garlic. It’s bulbous, it’s pungent, it looks like the nose of a relative you only see around christmas time. How lucky we are that we should have an ENTIRE WEEKEND dedicated to its grandeur and glow! That in mind, here’s the other awesome stuff that’s happening around the time frame of Garlic-mania which you should also be finding time to enjoy.

Oh, in other GIANT news– we’ve created a shared google calendar for ALL the weekly events you find in the Bottom Left each week– so feel free to save it to your smart phone and receive automatic reminders of all those shiny events you plan to attend.  Direct link to said calendar can be found here!

THEBOTTOMLEFT Issue 9<—- Click here for the full PDF version.


“In Gar We Trust”


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